Why reduced latency is the moonshot for audio technology

And why reduced latency matters to music teachers

It’s been a strange hot summer of the “you know what” disease.  I don’t even want to say it anymore.

Every parent's greatest fear...and the real goal of childhood

Yesterday my son Alejandro graduated from high school.  

My birthday gift to you...free copy of Piano For Kids volume 1 for Kindle

It's my birthday today, May 20th.  And I have a gift for you!

Practice Play-Along Tracks Now Available for Piano For Kids Volume 1

Our book, Piano For Kids: Teach complete beginners how to play instantly with the Musicolor...

Zoom Music Lessons - Settings for iPhone, iPad and tablets

Okay, there have been lots of changes happening in the world of Zoom online music lessons. ...

Zoom Music Lessons - How To Get Better Audio Quality

The pandemic has pushed us all to online teaching.  But Zoom, the preferred technology, was not...

Teaching Music With Zoom - Basics for Music Teachers New To Online Teaching

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7 Simple Steps For A Lifetime of Successful Reinvention

What is the secret of a successful life?  Why do some people seem to always succeed no matter...

4 Challenges Of Every Music School Owner, Actually All Small Businesses

So you know you can teach music...congratulations!

It’s only the first step.

Offering your...

How Open-Minded Are You as a Music Teacher?

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” -Frank Zappa

How open-minded...