A Roundup Of 12 Articles That Prove Benefits of Music Instruction

There have been so many articles of late that show the benefits of music education.  I thought it would be helpful to collect a bunch of the best ones I've seen in one place.

For parents, here's a great starting point for research.

Here's a treasure trove of articles that can back you in your efforts to win over your significant other, parents, or grandparents as to why you are spending so much time and money searching for the right music teacher for junior.

For music teachers, this makes for a handy marketing materials list.

These are all very informative but if you have only time for a few, I recommend reading numbers 3, 4, 9, 11.  These are from PBS, Time, National Geographic and WBUR in Boston.

12 Articles that Discuss the Benefits of Music Education

  1. Twelve Benefits of Music Education
    http://fhands.com/ujtwRkI (childrensmusicworkshop.com)
  2. 20 Important Benefits of Music In Our Schools
    http://fhands.com/GrLjXLX (nafme.org)
  3. The Benefits of Music Education
    http://fhands.com/1Okt6A6 (www.pbs.org)
  4. This Is How Music Can Change Your Brain
    http://fhands.com/qP9JUtx (time.com)
  5. Long Term Benefits of Music Study
    http://fhands.com/o4IKETK (wheaton.edu)
  6. The Importance of Music Education
    http://fhands.com/SeW5WtQ (thehumanist.com)
  7. The Benefits of Music Education
    http://fhands.com/OqgVbgn (rcmusic.ca)
  8. How Playing a Musical Instrument Benefits the Brain
    http://fhands.com/9IVfO0W (davidwolfe.com)
  9. Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons
    http://fhands.com/UK8z7L5 (nationalgeographic.com)
  10. How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity
    http://fhands.com/16BSBQy (brainpickings.org)
  11. How Playing Music Affects The Developing Brain
    http://fhands.com/5oEPNuZ (wbur.org)
  12. How Learning to Play an Instrument Can Improve Your Life
    http://fhands.com/EDgHVsY (austinclassicalguitar.org)
  13. Added April 25, 2017:  9 Ways Learning An Instrument Strengthens Your Brain.

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