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My birthday gift to copy of Piano For Kids volume 1 for Kindle

Practice Play-Along Tracks Now Available for Piano For Kids Volume 1

Zoom Music Lessons - Settings for iPhone, iPad and tablets

Zoom Music Lessons - How To Get Better Audio Quality

Teaching Music With Zoom - Basics for Music Teachers New To Online Teaching

7 Simple Steps For A Lifetime of Successful Reinvention

4 Challenges Of Every Music School Owner, Actually All Small Businesses

How Open-Minded Are You as a Music Teacher?

What are Chords? Learn Accompaniment in Piano For Kids Volume 4 today!

Spanish Piano SongBook Vol 1 Now Available!

¡La versión en español de "Piano For Kids" esta disponible!

Music Education Benefits for Kids In A 90 Second Animation

How To Run Your Teaching Biz Like A Badass Boss

Carol’s Students Learn Faster and Have More Fun With Color

My interview about the Musicolor Method on Tim Topham's podcast

Anne Reinvented Her Career With The Perfect Part-Time Piano School

Brett is Teaching Full Time After Doubling His Roster

Piano For Kids Volume 3 is here!

How to activate creativity, innovation and invention?

Scaling Musical Mountains Of Mastery

51 Vital Reasons to Save Art Education

This is how kids easily learn piano now

What Happens When You Ask A Preschooler If They Can Do Anything

Are you confusing THIS with learning?

Have you tried this easy, colorful method on piano?

A Colorful Fun New Way To Learn Piano Is Here

What if there was an easy piano songbook with simple instructions?

How To Spark Growth, Friendship & Love with A Mentor Program

This is a simple tool to transform your teaching

This is what I learned at NY EDTech, and it was great

How To Quickly and Easily Motivate Your Kids To Practice

What is the most powerful thing to teach all children?

Rapport and How To Teach A Student Who Doesn't Look Like You

Live Workshop: Marketing Made Simple for Music Teachers

A surprising way for music teachers to be the best they can be

A first lesson on piano

How To Explode Your Music Teaching Business With Recitals

Surprising Secrets From A Grammy Award-Winning Arranger

Mysterious Hidden Cues Lurking in Your Students

Can we redesign music education?

How To Be A Better Music Teacher Part 3

How To Be A Better Music Teacher Part 2

How to Encourage Focus in Yourself and Your Students

What's the best way to motivate my child to practice?

Join the 10 Day Music Teacher Marketing Success Challenge

Why price is the most important factor for private music teachers

What is the average price of private music lessons?

How To Use A Focus Window to Combat Overwhelm in Students

Why preschoolers are the best clients for private music teachers

What Is The Hidden Elephant In The Room? Permission.

How to get concepts to stick for music students

Pictogram: How to get more music students?

How do I know what to say on my music teaching website?

How To Know If Your Child's Music Lessons Are Backwards?

Music Education And The Belief of "Control of Destiny"

How To Teach Music in The New Attention Economy

What Miss Shelly Discovered In A Nightmare Piano Lesson

Free Video: Understanding Website Technology For Music Teachers

What Are The Top 5 Mistakes Of Music Teacher Websites?

Infographic: How To Teach Music Effectively, Simply & With More Fun!

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome For Crazy Good Recitals

What Is The Best Music Teacher Marketing? Hint: It's Easy

How to sing and perform better with spirit

How to raise your IQ by 7 points

How to make music practice effective - it can change your life

10 Secrets How To Make Simplified Sheet Music For Kids

Where To Find Easy Sheet Music Arrangements

The Top 11 Sites for Public Domain Free Sheet Music

What is the best mindset for music educators?

A Roundup Of 12 Articles That Prove Benefits of Music Instruction

Improvement Science and 5 Percent Better Everyday

How To Teach Preschoolers Piano And Fill Your Studio To Capacity!

Why Is This Called The Icky Chord?

Giveaway Winners!

Making Music With Computers and Apps

Inspiring Video of the 5 Browns Playing Star Wars

How To Teach Kids To Read Music?

The #1 Secret To Teaching Young Children Music

Seeing Music Everywhere

Zoltan Kodaly on Morals and Music

Seinfeld's Simple Technique Is How To Practice Music

Learning Life Lessons Through Music Lessons

Einstein and Music

Education is life itself

A Growth Mindset for Music Teachers

Building community through music

What Exactly Is The Musicolor Method?

Goals, Plans? Who needs it? I'll Just Wing It

The Power of Personalizing Songs For Young Students

Music for the mind

I Live My Daydreams In Music

Music and color according to Kandinsky

The true use of music according to a sufi master

Music can pierce the heart directly

Video 3 - How To Teach Students Who Can't Read

Video 2 - Secrets of Successful Music Teachers is live

Secrets Of Successful Music Teachers - Video 1 Is Live Now

How Do I Get My Students To Practice?

Why The World Hates Teachers

Pricing Music Lessons and Lifetime Value Of Students

How I Developed The Musicolor Method®

Keep Students Interested By Starting With Rhythm

How To Make Practicing Fun For Your Music Students

The importance of listening to the right music

Small Piano For Small Hands?

The Effect Of Music On Our Brains

Our Webinar Was A Success

Webinar For Music Teachers On Friday

Teaching Special Needs Kids Music

My piano students keep quitting

Where To Find Free Sheet Music Online - And Paid Too

Technology & Trends in Music Teaching

Interview with music teacher John Gardner

Some Advice For New Music Teachers

Let It Go - Easiest Beginner Piano Version

Teaching Kids To Play Piano With All 10 Fingers Right Away

How Playing A Music Instrument Feeds Your Brain!

Music Instruction Expands Brains!

The Proper Height For Sitting At The Piano

Teaching Strategies For Growth Mindset

Music from Frozen - Easiest Piano Sheet Music

Easy Scottish Folk Song For Piano

Ode To Joy, easy piano notes with colors

Let It Be, easy piano sheet music for intermediate players

Happy Birthday, easy piano sheet music

French Childrens Song, Petit Papa, sheet music for beginners

Angry Birds Theme -Easy Piano Sheet Music

Piano Notes For Kids

Play Piano For Kids 2 and 3 are on their way

Why Every Child Should Learn Music With Tips, Strategies and Resources

Music Lessons Make For Grittier Kids

How To Teach Perseverance, Grit and Success

Why Memorizing Music Is So Important

Why Daily Practice For Piano Is So Important And Some Tips

How To Play Dinah -piano lesson for beginners

Another Fun Easy Piano Piece For Children: Let's Jump In The Pool & Play

A First Piano Lesson

Teaching Kids How To Read Music Using Solfège, Hand Signs & Kinesthetic Learning

Teaching Music To Children, One Micro Step At A Time

Top 10 Practice Tips for Young Piano Students

Progress Update May 31, 2012

An iPad App to Teach Piano to Young Children

Why Music Recitals Are Like Life Skills 101

Glenn Gould's Finger Tapping Exercise for Piano Technique

How To Read Music: Rhythm using Stick Notation

Free Piano Checklist for Beginners

How To Teach Rhythm to Beginning Music Students

Teaching and learning music in slices

Using Colors to Learn Music

This Is Why I Teach Music

Essential Reading for Parents of Music Students

Link between music and academic achievement

10 Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Learn Music

At What Age To Start Music Lessons?

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