My piano students keep quitting

I've been talking to a lot of music teachers all over the world.  A common complaint is that there's "too many distractions" in students lives nowadays.  They blame the Internet, or the video games, or soccer or Instagram or other social media.

Let It Go - Easiest Beginner Piano Version

For the past few weeks, I received a lot of requests for an easy/beginner piano version of the...

Teaching Kids To Play Piano With All 10 Fingers Right Away

"Okay so you see this is a note.  This one is middle C and then this one over here is on a space...

French Childrens Song, Petit Papa, sheet music for beginners

This is an old French folk song called Petit Papá.  I created my own English translation for the...

Angry Birds Theme -Easy Piano Sheet Music

This has been a popular request, probably more from the boys than the girls in my teaching studio.

Play Piano For Kids 2 and 3 are on their way

How To Play Dinah -piano lesson for beginners

Another easy fun piece for beginning piano players.

Another Fun Easy Piano Piece For Children: Let's Jump In The Pool & Play

This is the second lesson in my iPad multi-touch book.  You can download the free PDF of the book...

A First Piano Lesson


Progress Update May 31, 2012

So things have been in a whirlwind.  I didn't expect Apple to approve the iPad book so fast and so...