Have you tried this easy, colorful method on piano?

New songbook allows parents to teach their children piano even if they have never played before


A Colorful Fun New Way To Learn Piano Is Here


New Songbook Enables Even Preliterate Children To Play Piano Using Color...

What if there was an easy piano songbook with simple instructions?

An Easy Piano Songbook

After over a decade in development, we're thrilled to announce that our...

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This checklist is a simple tool to transform your teaching

“Yo homes, It’s gotta be the algorithm!”

I don’t think anyone ever said that.  

This is what I learned at NY EDTech, and it was great

This week my wife and I went to the NY EDTech 2017 conference held at my alma mater NYU.   Below...

How To Quickly and Easily Motivate Your Kids To Practice

What is the most powerful thing to teach all children?

The most powerful thing to teach all children

We parents care deeply about giving our children...

Rapport and How To Teach A Student Who Doesn't Look Like You

“I’m black so my teacher needs to be black.”

Nobody said this, yet.  

A surprising way for music teachers to be the best they can be

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” - Milton Berle.