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How to make music practice effective - it can change your life

May 29, 2016 12:54:51 PM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in practice tips, teaching music, tips for teachers, Announcements, benefits of music lessons, best practices, early childhood education, music for children, music instruction, music lessons, music practice, music teacher, advice for music teaching, Blog, education, encouraging practice, how to motivate your child to practice a music ins, how to teach music, music and life lessons, music for kids, music teaching, musicolor method, piano teachers, practicing music, life lessons, music education, music teachers, piano, practicing piano, teaching kids music, training for music teachers


Men Wearing Makeup Playing Loud Guitars

When I was 12, I discovered something so fantastic, larger-than-life, and electrifying!

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The Power of Personalizing Songs For Young Students

Dec 9, 2015 2:07:21 PM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in About The Method, andrew ingkavet, how to teach kids music, is 4 too young to start piano lessons? piano for p, songs, teaching music, benefits of music lessons, early childhood education, Lesson Plan Ideas, music curriculum, personalization, professional development for teachers, advice for music teaching, how to make practice fun, how to teach music, music method, musicolor method, how to teach preschoolers music, teaching kids


In a lesson this morning, I was showing 4 year old B to play a simple song, a variation on Brother John.  She loved it especially because I realized she didn't have any brothers, but we could substitute her sister's name in the song.  So what was Brother John became Sister Iris!  She was jumping up and down with joy and couldn't wait to sing it for her mom and sister.  Such a simple way to create engagement and joy!

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How I Developed The Musicolor Method®

Sep 25, 2015 11:41:52 AM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in About The Method, chakras and sound, color light sound, color of music notes, edward tufte, information architecture, is 4 too young to start piano lessons? piano for p, preschool education, teaching music to kids, what to teach new piano students, Announcements, benefits of music lessons, color and sound, creativity, early childhood education, how to teach music to children, information design, Lesson Plan Ideas, music as medicine, music curriculum, music lessons, Blog, chakras and light, curriculum design, curriculum development, energy and sound, musicolor method, piano teachers, preschool music lessons, frequencies of sound and light, how to teach preschoolers music, preschool music methods, Teaching Methods


How a stay-at-home Dad stumbled across a new way of teaching music.

The story of how I developed the Musicolor Method.®

Because I am a naturally curious person, my path in life has led me on a strange magical journey.  In particular, three events have brought me a new view of teaching music:

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The Effect Of Music On Our Brains

Sep 9, 2015 9:34:44 AM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in cognitive research, learning to play musical instrument, science proves music helps the brain, benefits of music lessons, brain and music, brain research and music, memory, music lessons and the brain, musicians and brain research, neuroscientist, enhancing memory, Music and Science, Video, TED Ed, the effect of music on the brain


If you haven't seen this awesome animated video from the TED-Ed series, you're in for a treat. Highly recommended and shareable to your students and parents of students too.

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Why Every Child Should Learn Music With Tips, Strategies and Resources

Oct 8, 2013 12:10:33 PM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in practice tips, tips for teachers, benefits of music lessons, music lessons, music teaching, successful music practice, Teaching Methods


We had a lovely Parents Curriculum Meeting this morning. It was wonderful to see so many of you.  Here's a summary of what we covered.

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