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Strategies To Teaching Children Music Without Overwhelm

Teaching music to children is highly...

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Beware Of The Fraud Police 

How to sing and perform better with spirit

“I almost never listen to music for my own enjoyment…”

How to make music practice effective - it can change your life

Men Wearing Makeup Playing Loud Guitars

When I was 12, I discovered something so fantastic,...

Seinfeld's Simple Technique Is How To Practice Music

“My child loves the lessons but just doesn’t want to practice.”  

It’s probably the number one...

How Do I Get My Students To Practice?

“I didn’t have time to practice!”


My piano students keep quitting

I've been talking to a lot of music teachers all over the world.  A common complaint is that...

Why Every Child Should Learn Music With Tips, Strategies and Resources

We had a lovely Parents Curriculum Meeting this morning. It was wonderful to see so many of you....

Why Daily Practice For Piano Is So Important And Some Tips

Top 10 Practice Tips for Young Piano Students

  1. Location! Location! Location!  - put the keyboard or piano in a central part of your home where...