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What's the best way to motivate my child to practice?

Well it has been quite a week.

How to make music practice effective - it can change your life

Men Wearing Makeup Playing Loud Guitars

When I was 12, I discovered something so fantastic,...

How Do I Get My Students To Practice?

“I didn’t have time to practice!”


Top 10 Practice Tips for Young Piano Students

  1. Location! Location! Location!  - put the keyboard or piano in a central part of your home where...

Glenn Gould's Finger Tapping Exercise for Piano Technique

Many of you are struggling with playing cleanly and smoothly. This simple technique can help you to...

Essential Reading for Parents of Music Students

This is such a wonderful book that details the life of Shinichi Suzuki, the man behind the Suzuki...

10 Tips For Parents To Help Their Children Learn Music

Many parents have expressed their frustration at getting their child to practice their musical...