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Carol’s Students Learn Faster and Have More Fun With Color

Though she had already been working with young music students, Carol found that it was often...

My interview about the Musicolor Method on Tim Topham's podcast

I was recently interviewed on the influential  Creative Piano Teacher   podcast  with  Tim Topham.

Brett is Teaching Full Time After Doubling His Roster

While he started teaching music to make some extra cash, Brett quickly realized that he had a knack...

What Happens When You Ask A Preschooler If They Can Do Anything

Ask a preschooler and see what happens.

Imagine this scenario.

You walk into a preschool classroom...

What Miss Shelly Discovered In A Nightmare Piano Lesson

Shelly took a deep breath.  

How To Teach Preschoolers Piano And Fill Your Studio To Capacity!


The #1 Secret To Teaching Young Children Music

Teaching Young Children Music

As a private music teacher, you want to teach music to children.  You...

The importance of listening to the right music

It's All About Choosing The Right Music At The Right Moment

As a music teacher, your job is not...