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The Top 11 Sites for Public Domain Free Sheet Music

Part 1 of 3 in a Series on Finding Sheet Music for Students

Part 2 - Where To Find Easy Sheet Music...

Small Piano For Small Hands?

Some of the Martin guitars through the ages at the Met Museum

Where To Find Free Sheet Music Online - And Paid Too

It's 2pm and you haven't finished prepping for your afternoon music lessons!

Technology & Trends in Music Teaching

This is the second part of an interview with music teacher John Gardner.  John is also an avid...

Interview with music teacher John Gardner

An interview with John Gardner, band teacher, entrepreneur

John and I connected on LinkedIN and we...

Some Advice For New Music Teachers

I've been talking to music teachers all over the world to learn and share what their best practices...

Teaching Kids How To Read Music Using Solfège, Hand Signs & Kinesthetic Learning

Teaching young kids to read music is quite a challenge.  I approach through a long process of...

How To Teach Rhythm to Beginning Music Students

I've been teaching how to count rhythm to most of my students using a fun fruity way* of naming...