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Music Education And The Belief of "Control of Destiny"

Sep 14, 2016 1:14:21 PM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in ambition, choices, growth mindset, teaching music, destiny, essa, internal locus, Lesson Plan Ideas, life skills through music, marine corps, Mindset, motivation, sel, self control, skills, smarter faster better, us marines, carol dweck, charles duhigg, every student succeeds act, external locus, grit, locus of control, music for kids, musicolor method, importance of music lessons, life direction, music education, perseverance, practice, social emotional learning


As a parent, I have always wanted my son to have a music education.  It’s not that I want him to be a professional musician, it’s because

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Why Memorizing Music Is So Important

May 10, 2013 11:30:37 AM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in brain, children, learning, learning music, preparing for recital, teaching music, early childhood development, importance, Lesson Plan Ideas, memorization, methods, music and memory, music curriculum, music for children, music teacher, performance anxiety, skills, art, beauty, early music teaching, education, history, how memory works, how to get my child to practice, how to practice, how to teach, imagery, life, memorization skills, memorizing, musician, power, practicing music, life lessons, life skills, mastery, pedagogy, suzuki method, recital, Teaching Methods, visualization


With all of my students, I stress the importance of memorizing their pieces, especially for performance at a recital. Here's some of the reasons why.

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