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Why Is This Called The Icky Chord?

Mar 30, 2016 2:30:10 PM / by Andrew Ingkavet posted in funny, games for music, story about music, teaching chords, teaching kids piano, theory games for music, Lesson Plan Ideas, music lesson, music theory, Piano Lesson, piano lesson plan, icky chord, mnemonic device, piano teacher, music student activity, V7 chord, Teaching Methods, teaching piano


A funny piano lesson plan for kids

This story/idea came about when I noticed the fingering of the first inversion of the V7 chord.  In the key of G, this would be the D7 with the F sharp in the bass.

It looks like this on the staff:

Screenshot 2016-03-03 14.12.58

And the fingering looks like this:


I mentioned that it’s like you are picking up an icky tissue.  My students never laugh so hard!


So, it’s now become known as the icky chord.  Which is a lot easier to say than the V7 in the first inversion.

By the way, this can be used for any V7 chord in this inversion in any key.

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