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How to sing and perform better with spirit

“I almost never listen to music for my own enjoyment…”

How Open-Minded Are You as a Music Teacher?

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open.” -Frank Zappa

How open-minded...

My interview about the Musicolor Method on Tim Topham's podcast

I was recently interviewed on the influential  Creative Piano Teacher   podcast  with  Tim...

Brett is Teaching Full Time After Doubling His Roster

While he started teaching music to make some extra cash, Brett quickly realized that he had a...

Pictogram: How to get more music students?

I was inspired by a conversation I had last week with a music teacher I'm coaching.  We discussed...

How To Know If Your Child's Music Lessons Are Backwards?

The Joy of Music

One of the best parts of my job as a music teacher is witnessing the pure joy...

How To Teach Music in The New Attention Economy

The Information Economy?

People sometimes say that we are living in the “information economy.”  I...

What Miss Shelly Discovered In A Nightmare Piano Lesson

Shelly took a deep breath.  

Infographic: How To Teach Music Effectively, Simply & With More Fun!

So, it's summer and you are probably taking a much needed break from your busy teaching schedule....

How to Combat Imposter Syndrome For Crazy Good Recitals

Beware Of The Fraud Police