Zoom Music Lessons - Settings for iPhone, iPad and tablets

Okay, there have been lots of changes happening in the world of Zoom online music lessons.  While Zoom has been a life-saver for music teachers and students, it was NOT designed for music. 

Zoom Was Made For Business Meetings, Not Music

The default audio settings use compression and background noise suppression to get better clarity for speaking.  But as soon as you try to play a long note on a musical instrument, Zoom thinks that is background noise and tries to block it.

If you've noticed that your sound cuts out as soon as you play some notes or sing something, this is going to help.




What the heck is original sound?


Original sound is how the software developers of Zoom describe the audio before the software processing kicks in.  Zoom has now enabled all users to turn off the audio processing to hear the original sound.  This will make a huge impact in your music lessons.  And both student and teacher need to turn this ability on.


Here's how to do it. 

I've created animated GIFs to guide you for computer vs iPhone/iPad/Tablet.

If you would like to download a PDF click here.

This may be easier to forward to your students, teachers, and colleagues.


Hope this helps.





iPhone/iPad/Tablet Zoom Settings




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